Turning Towards Grief

A Work the Reconnects Workshop to Summon Courage to Live Fully Alive in Turbulent Times


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We live in unprecedented, intense and unrelenting times.  Our days are permeated by awareness of and constant exposure to the state of our planet, climate change and the continued loss of species, political unrest and oppression, personal loss of all kinds, and so much more.  Layers upon layers of grief can build up and block us from our true selves if we do not learn to metabolize it. The grief is undeniably here; we have a choice to either turn away from it or turn towards it. This workshop is for those who have the courage to turn towards their grief and honor their pain in service to themselves and the greater good.  

We were made for these times.  In this workshop, we co-create a brave space, a sound container in which to meet grief and develop an ongoing relationship with it.  It has been our experience that if we truly care, we continue to grieve.  From this place of allowing our hearts to break open, we have more access to joy, love and vibrancy.

This workshop is for those who:

  • Recognize they are experiencing blocks or obstacles in life and relationships

  • Feel overwhelmed by the intensity of these times

  • Don’t yet have a relationship with grief and want to cultivate one so they can live a fuller life

  • Feel emotionally numb and/or paralyzed by what is happening in the world

  • Are looking for a sound container to share with others

  • Are activists needing to recharge and renew in order to continue to be in aligned action

We invite you to join us.


Wednesday Evenings Oct. 16, 23, 30, & Nov. 6, 6-8:30 pm in Atascadero

Day-long Saturday, Oct. 26 10 am-6 pm near San Luis Obispo*

Cost:  $200-400 sliding scale  

*Exact locations to be given upon registration.


For questions,

Contact Donna: donnahelete@gmail.com

or Kari: karistettler@gmail.com \ 805-550-7563



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Kari Stettler

Kari is devoted to remembering how to be a conscious humane being interconnected in the web of life. She lives a land based life in Paso Robles, where she grows food and medicine for her family and community with her partner. Kari has been mentored by deep ecologist and eco-philosopher, Joanna Macy, since 2005 and has been a facilitator of grief rituals and group work for personal and collective transformation over the past 12 years. She is a yogini of 20 years, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and a Rites of Passage Guide. Kari experiences grief as an integral part of living a full life and supports others in cultivating this relationship.


Donna Helete

Donna is a regenerative grief coach, a community builder, nonprofit leader, educator, auntie, and mother. For over a decade she attended grief rituals with her teacher, Sobonfu Somé, from Burkina Faso. Donna's grief journey deepened with the death of her husband of 28 years in 2015. Today Donna pays forward the support she received and amplifies the work of her teachers including Francis Weller, Stephen Jenkinson, Jon Young and Christopher Kuntzsch. Each morning Donna can be found on her back deck where the city meets the open space, a strong cup of coffee in hand, listening to birdsong.

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