Photo: Lindsay Fitzgerald

Photo: Lindsay Fitzgerald

One-On-One regenerative Grief Coaching

As you navigate this turbulent unknown territory, I will guide you by providing a safe space, witness, reflection and tools to fully support your grieving process.  I will help you discover who you are at your core, no matter what life roles you hold now or have held in the past.  I will support you as you surrender into what is and choose how you want to show up.  I will hold space for the next chapter in your life and help you shine brightly and create a vibrant life.  

I will guide you though:

  • learning about grief as both an emotion and a skill set which can be developed;

  • metabolizing grief so you feel the vibrancy of life and fully show up in you gifts;

  • reframing your story in an empowering way;

  • co-creating personalized simple yet meaningful ceremonies to acknowledge significant life events and transitions;

  • strengthening your connection with yourself, others, nature and spirit;

  • consciously creating the life you truly desire;

  • developing powerful, healthy daily practices including gratitude that will become an inner source of strength and wisdom.

You will be fully supported by my life experience which includes the death of my husband of 28 years, as well as the wisdom I gleaned.  I bring a loving presence, sense of curiosity, deep listening and intuition to our time together.


Seasonal small group sessions

Each season there will be an offering for a group of 6 people interested in diving deeper into the realm of grief as a pathway to accessing the full vibrancy of life and our gifts.  Local groups meet in person while distant groups meet online.  Three monthly one-on-one sessions are included in the package.  Look for the Seasonal Group Sessions to begin in January 2018.


grief composting circles

As humans, our original instructions include grieving in community.  As Francis Weller says, when we grieve in solitude, the experience is incomplete.  A circuit gets completed when we grieve together.  Through these community gatherings, you'll have the opportunity to build community, release that which wants to be composted and feel a sense of rebirth and joy.  If we care, we grieve.  These circles will help provide regular maintenance for our souls.  Look for Grief Composting Circles to begin by Spring 2018.


community conversations

Through my experience with my husband's illness and death, I discovered how little we talk about the topic of death, dying, grieving and the vibrancy of life.  I'll be holding occasional salons to bring light to these essential elements of our lives which have been relegated to the shadows and given very little air play. The truth is there is an enormous gratitude and vibrancy of life that can be tapped into when one really lives as if you know you're going to die.  Let's build community and gain the courage to live big through these elements that connect us all as humans.   Look for Community Conversations to begin before the end of 2017.

Contact me if you'd like to schedule a 45 minute free consultation to see if we're a good match.  

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